Why invest in a shopping mall? reasons that may surprise you!


What do you think of when you hear the word mall? For many people, malls are something they try to avoid – all the crowds and the noisy advertisements just to get from one store to another can be too much, particularly if you have to wait in line with your children and their kids in tow. But, as many people know all too well, shopping malls are not just about buying stuff. In fact, shopping malls are also great places to invest your money! Why should you put your money into this particular type of investment? Here are seven reasons why it could be the right choice for you.

The rise of women’s businesses

A US women-owned business is defined as one whose majority owner (referred to as majority control) is a woman. Women are clearly outpacing men when it comes to owning their own businesses. In 2015, women owned 36% of all privately held businesses in America—and that number is on track to climb even higher with more and more women choosing business ownership over employment.

Top-selling products for women online

The top-selling products for women online are constantly changing. From clothes to cosmetics, jewelry to accessories, there are always new items taking over our wish lists and replacing those from years past. Today, popular products include boots, sweaters, makeup kits, shoes and watches. While these trends change constantly from year to year, it’s always a good idea to stay on top of what’s trending with your shoppers if you want to keep your sales up. Take some time out of each day—or even set aside time at least once per week—to study Amazon’s best-selling items for women (and men) so that you can learn which items are currently selling well and determine how you can create your own products based off of them.

Risks of selling on Amazon

Many online sellers mistakenly assume that selling on Amazon is always safer than selling on their own website, but it isn’t. Sellers can lose money if they don’t read and understand Amazon’s Product Advertising API (Amazon’s advertising system) policies. Amazon has its own rules and restrictions, which are different from those of other advertising platforms. An important thing to keep in mind when selling on Amazon is to be prepared for any changes made by them. Be sure to understand how to prepare your listings before they change so your business doesn’t suffer as a result of their new policies.

Companies leading the way with their marketing strategies

Most people would be shocked to know how much money Americans spend at shopping malls every year. In fact, some of them even mistakenly think we don’t have any of those types of places here anymore; but believe it or not, there are over 50 major and minor indoor malls currently operating in metropolitan areas around the country. If your company does business with these types of structures, then you’re missing out on an incredible opportunity to increase your overall bottom line—but only if you partner with us first. One way to really boost your profits is by finding new and innovative ways to make money off a project through investing. And while many people immediately turn their noses up at investment opportunities as something they just don’t have time for, they could not be more wrong.