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What You Need to Know About Wall Mount Vanities

There are several variations of wall-mount vanities. Learn about their benefits and cost. Then discover what options you have when it comes to personalizing one. Here are some essential points to consider when choosing a wall-mount vanity: Choose a design that suits your bathroom’s decor.

Benefits of wall-mounted vanities

A wall-mounted vanity offers several benefits. Unlike floor-mounted vanities, wall-mounted vanities are anchored to the wall. It means that the wall frame must be strengthened to support the weight of the vanity. The installation process varies from one brand to another, but most manufacturers provide detailed instructions and a mounting template that you can follow.

A wall-mounted vanity will take up less room than a traditional floor-mounted vanity but free up space around the sink. Instead of cluttering up space under the sink, you can use this extra space to hold wicker baskets that contain towels, toiletries, and linens. This way, you’ll have more usable space in the room, and you can easily clean the area around the sink and vanity. It makes the bathroom look bigger and will increase the value of your home.

Also, wall mount vanities provide space underneath the sink, making them easier to clean. They also give you more room to organize your stuff. For example, you can install baskets or open shelving beneath the vanity for easy access. Those baskets and open shelving make for an attractive storage area.

Another benefit of wall-mounted vanities is that they offer a seamless flow between the rest of the home and the bathroom. These vanities make the space appear bigger, especially when combined with a wall-mounted cabinet. These vanities are perfect for bathrooms with contemporary or minimalist designs.

Another advantage of wall-mounted vanities is that they can be customized for your space. You can decide how high or low the vanity should be. You can also change the height and size of the countertop to fit your needs. Many manufacturers have also gotten creative in their designs, including concealed drawers.

Cost of wall-mounted vanities

The cost of wall-mounted vanities may differ depending on the vanity’s material and design. The average price for a 60-inch vanity is around $1,100. It can be slightly higher if you opt for a designer or custom cabinet. In addition, the cost of a floating vanity will be higher because the plumbing will have to be relocated.

Wall-mounted vanities come in an unlimited variety of finishes. However, there are generally four major categories of finishes available. Traditional wood finishes include oak, maple, birch, and walnut. In addition, some manufacturers offer a variety of other wood finishes. For example, you can get a vanity in Nordic Oak for a light brown finish.

Another advantage of wall-mounted vanities is that they do not need much space. It makes them ideal for a small bathroom. Plus, they can be customized. Several wall-hung vanities come with individual compartments, so you can customize the look to match the rest of your bathroom. Also, wall-hung vanities can give you a lot of storage underneath the vanity, which can be great for storing small bathroom accessories.

The cost of wall-mounted vanities depends on the material, design, and added features. Premade vanities typically range from $100 to $2,600, depending on the size, materials, and features. Many come with a precut countertop, and the countertop’s cost can be the unit’s most expensive part. Cultured marble or granite countertops are generally cheaper than others.

Options for personalizing a wall-mounted vanity

There are numerous options for personalizing a wall-mounted vanity. Choose a design that fits your style and lifestyle. The vanity needs to be functional as well as appealing. It would help if you also considered the brand and supplier you choose. While walk-in stores often carry smaller sizes, ordering from an online store allows you to choose from a wider range of sizes.

The height of a wall-mounted vanity is an important consideration. You can adjust it to accommodate your height, making it more comfortable. Many vanity manufacturers also include adjustable shelves, which allow you to add more storage space if necessary. It makes it easy to store personal items without crowding the space.

You can also choose a floating wall-mounted vanity mounted directly onto the wall. This vanity is ideal for small bathrooms, as it opens the space. It also allows for easy cleaning since there are fewer nooks for collecting dust and dirt. A wall-mounted vanity is an excellent choice for contemporary decor, especially if you’re going for a sleek marble top.

Wall-mounted vanities are also available in floor-mounted versions. These vanities provide a more traditional appearance. They give your bathroom a more classical look and offer more floor space. 

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