What to Include in Your Pitch Deck

What to Include in Your Pitch Deck
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When pitching a product, you should communicate the problem your product solves for your target market. You can begin your presentation by stating the problem and then move on to the solution and include the MVP (minimum viable product) and list of features.

High-resolution photo and a powerful tagline

Successful pitch decks contain a mix of facts, data, and stories. They’re meant to tell the story of your company and excite investors. A good pitch deck will answer common questions and have a clear design. Here are some tips to make your pitch deck more interesting to potential investors.

The first slide should contain a high-resolution photo and a powerful tagline. It should also explain the problem your startup is solving and the situation’s urgency. It should also describe your team. This slide is critical to your company’s success. If it doesn’t make investors want to learn more, it’ll turn them off.

The next step is to decide how to arrange the different slides. The sequence should be logical and follow the ten elements of a good pitch deck. You can follow a specific structure or let your company’s story lead. Either way, the pitch deck is a piece of art, and you must put your best foot forward.

A pitch deck is essential for startups. It can make or break the success of the fundraising effort for your startup. Even if it’s just a dozen slides with bullet points, a pitch deck will help you stand out among the thousands of other startups competing for startup capital. It’s your one chance to convince an investor to invest in your business.

Target market

It is essential to define your target market clearly. The market is a specific demographic group of people who are looking for a particular product or service. Every product or service will have a specific target market. You should also include information on the competitive landscape and market opportunity. Having a clear idea of your market can help you create the perfect pitch deck for investors.

Try to create a balance between visuals and text when writing your pitch deck. Visuals are a great way to show your target market your company’s unique value proposition. Using testimonials and additional details can help you create a more compelling pitch. It is essential to personalize your pitch deck for every business you create.

Your audience should understand the problem that your product solves. The solution slide should outline how the product or service solves that problem. To do this, you can use a story format or a picture. You can also use a video or screenshot of a physical demo of your product or service.

Executive summary

An executive summary (also known as a summary memo) is a two to three-page overview that should be included in your pitch deck. Often, a potential investor needs more time to read a full business plan, so they are interested in the key information. Hence, a well-written executive summary should capture their attention and summarize the content of the pitch deck. The executive summary should also highlight the benefits of investing in your business, which may include financial and social benefits.

High-quality images

One of the best ways to make a good impression on investors is by using high-quality images in your pitch deck. Images help show how serious you are about your business and can provide investors with context about your idea. Many people assume that these images are representative of your company. However, stock photos will not add quality to your presentation. 

To avoid copyright issues, you can use stock photos and check the pitch deck design service by caycon.com. Stock photos do not require you to pay royalties to the photographer. Aside from being free, they help convey your message instantly. People are more likely to understand what you’re trying to say if you include great visuals. If you need help determining which images to use, try to find images highlighting one or two of your points.

Customer testimonials

In your pitch deck, you can include customer testimonials that describe how people have benefited from using your product or service. You can also use testimonials that are specific to your audience. If you are a product founder, it will help you know which customers would benefit most from your product.

Customer testimonials should be high-quality, authentic, and relevant. They should be video or audio and should highlight the benefits of using your product or service. You should also include as many benefits as possible in each testimonial. The last thing you want to do is include generic comments that tell visitors nothing about what your product or service can do for them.

Good testimonials are genuine and should include the name of the person giving the testimonial. In addition, you can include their photo. Ideally, the testimonials should be from people similar to your target audience if they can relate to you or your product.