Home improvementWhat is the best way to resurface concrete?

What is the best way to resurface concrete?

There are several options available for resurfacing your concrete. Whether it’s a small area or an entire slab, there are some factors you need to consider before you start. If you’re resurfacing a small portion of a larger slab, the colour will probably be the same as the rest of the slab, but if you’d like to give it a completely new look, resurfacing all of it is the best option. The process can take a couple of coats, and you may need to do a second or even third coat. You can also add texture by brushing while the concrete is still wet.

Identify heaving

It is essential to identify heaving when resurfacing concrete. Heaving is caused by soil expansion, making the concrete floor appear higher in the middle. It can cause cracks in the concrete surface. You can tell if your slab has heaving by looking for cracks and differences in height.

The best way to prevent slab heaving is to control the soil moisture. Drainage will help prevent future heaving and stabilise the foundation beneath the concrete slab. A professional can guide soil moisture control and lifting techniques. A professional will know what techniques to use to prevent heaving and help you make the right decisions.

If you suspect your basement floor is heaving, you should test it before repairing it. The process involves cutting a 24-inch strip and adding new concrete in the exact location. You can slope the new concrete from the high to the low side to avoid an abrupt change in level. The new slab should be two inches thick at its highest point.


If the surface is not ready for resurfacing, it should first be cleaned with acid, detergent, or bleach solution. It is also essential to use a pressure washer of at least three thousand PSI to clean the area. The pressure washing will help remove old concrete and open pours. In addition, resurfacing concrete must be performed while maintaining expansion and control joints.

There are two methods for surface preparation: mechanical preparation and chemical preparation. The first method involves blasting or grinding the surface. The second method requires a high level of surface cleanliness. A chemical preparation method will be necessary if the surface is not clean enough. Chemical preparation involves the use of chemical prep materials.

Before applying the resurfacing compound, it is essential to prepare the surface properly. If the surface is not properly prepared, the resurfacing material will not bond properly to the surface and may fall apart. Furthermore, the resultant surface may look messy. Concrete resurfacing professionals recommend prepping the surface with a concrete resurfacing solution to minimise these risks.


The cost of resurfacing concrete depends on the type of concrete, the material, and the size. A basic poured concrete surface will cost between $3 and $10 per square foot. Stamped concrete patterns and decorative concrete overlays will cost more. The cost per square foot will vary, and you should consider your budget when selecting the type of concrete overlay you need. 

A concrete overlay is a thin layer of cement, and polymer resin applied over the original surface. It may be as small as 1/32″ or as thick as two inches. It is important to remember that the quality of the concrete overlay will depend on the quality of the concrete base since if the foundation isn’t sound, cracks and delamination can occur.

Resurfacing concrete is a labour-intensive process that requires a lot of precision. You may have a slumped surface and excessive cracks if you don’t hire a professional. Therefore, it’s a good idea to consult a local concrete contractor and have them perform the job correctly.


Resurfacing concrete has many benefits. It will improve the aesthetic appeal of the concrete structure, prevent tire marks, and improve the overall durability of the surface. Furthermore, it will be less susceptible to UV damage. As long as you maintain the new surface properly, it can last a long time. If you’re in the market for a new concrete floor, resurfacing may be the best option for your home.

Resurfacing concrete is an excellent investment in the beauty of your home. Not only does it correct damaged floors, but it adds a customised look that can raise the value of your home. Another benefit of resurfacing is that it is a cost-effective solution for restoring the original surface.

In addition to removing the top layer of concrete, resurfacing through the help of Skyco Group also allows for adding a new, smooth layer of resurfacer. 

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