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What is the Best Generator for Home Back Up?

Why should you have a home backup generator? For some, the reasons are obvious: hurricanes and summer thunderstorms are a major threat, but Old Man Winter can unleash freezing attacks. Others may live in Tornado Alley or earthquake zones where power can be lost for days. For others, keeping medical devices and medicines cool and food from spoiling is a primary concern. No matter your reasons, home backup generators can be a vital part of your life, so make sure you have one in your home.

Natural gas

A natural gas Generator Repair Hendersonville for home backup can provide power to several appliances, or a whole house. These devices are available in a wide variety of sizes, and most use natural gas, a green fuel that produces fewer greenhouse gases than gasoline or diesel. Natural gas backup generators are an affordable, reliable way to ensure that you can stay in your home during a storm. These units are permanent and connected to your home’s electric service, which means that you don’t have to worry about them being disconnected.

The Kohler 30 RCL is a 30-kW standby generator with noise reduction technology and a liquid-cooled engine. This unit can keep your home operating during a power outage while protecting sensitive electronics. It includes both voltage regulation and frequency regulation and can provide power for your entire home. The 22-kW Guardian Series is another high-quality option and includes Wi-Fi remote monitoring. These units are available from several manufacturers, including Kohler.


A dual-fuel generator is a portable unit that runs on either propane or gasoline. The GV2000GT is one example, producing 1,600 watts of running power and 2,000 watts of peak power. The GV2000GT uses both propane and gasoline and weighs 48 pounds. Generally, the GV2000GV has two 120-volt household outlets and one 12-volt DC outlet. This is one of the best dual-fuel homes backup generators, with an output noise level of 74 decibels.

Most dual-fuel generators operate quietly in propane mode and are much noisier when running on gasoline. Inverter generators, on the other hand, use a computer-controlled inverter to generate electricity, allowing you to start the engine even if the fuel supply is low. Dual-fuel generators also use different kinds of fuels, so you should choose one that is suitable for your home.


ITobuy the right inverter generator for your home backup, you should take some considerations. A little research on the internet will help you determine what type of inverter generator will best suit your needs. You should also research about the store from which you plan to purchase it. Online stores that have a good reputation tend to be the most reliable. But there are other factors you should consider as well. Here are some of the most important ones:

Inverter generators are a popular choice for backup power because they don’t have separate engines. They combine an engine and a generator, making them lighter and quieter. They produce cleaner power, which is necessary if you own sensitive electronics. And because they are scalable, you can purchase more than one and use them together for added power capacity. Inverter generators are a bit more expensive than traditional models, but they’re more efficient and reliable than the older types.


A portable generator is a good choice for a home back-up in case of a power outage. While a battery backup is sufficient for basic needs, an electric generator is unlikely to be able to power larger appliances. Therefore, it is important to choose the right model for your needs. Read on to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of a portable generator. Depending on your needs, you can opt for a small or a large generator, depending on the size and weight of your home.


There are many advantages of portable Generator Service Hendersonville for home backup. Portable generators are cheaper than permanent generators and can effectively provide power to your home during an outage. However, they do not automatically take over power when there is a power outage, so they are not the best choice for homes that experience frequent power outages. However, if you live in an area where power outages are rare, a portable generator may be the best choice.

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