What are the pros of the waterfall countertop trend


The waterfall countertop trend is very popular these days. This particular design is often made of granite. The pros of using this material are that it is easy to work with, is stain-resistant, and has a sleek look. However, there are several cons as well. Quartz is less likely to stain than natural stone.

Quartz is more resistant to staining

Quartz is a stain-resistant natural stone. It has an extremely high resistance to staining, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas. It makes it ideal for countertops in restaurants, banks, and offices. It can also be used on tabletops, walls, and staircases. Quartz can easily be cleaned with soap and water than other stone countertops.

However, quartz is still not impervious to stains, and some substances may still stain it. These stains are usually caused by minerals that have settled on the stone’s surface, such as limescale. While this staining can be difficult to remove, it can still be prevented with proper cleaning.

Another important reason to install quartz countertops from https://banksbenchtops.com.au/ is that they do not require sealing. They are stain-resistant if sealed properly, but you must be careful and clean up spills immediately. If you are clumsy and spill a cup of coffee or wine on your granite countertop, you risk damaging the stone. If you are not careful, stains can occur and may even etch the surface.

Quartz is more stain-resistant than most other surfaces, which makes it an excellent choice for kitchens and bathrooms. It is also durable, making it an excellent surface for food preparation. And since it is scratch-resistant, it is also great for cutting. In addition to being stain-resistant, quartz can withstand everyday use. So, quartz is an excellent choice if you have a high-traffic area.

Although quartz is more stain-resistant than granite and marble, it is still susceptible to staining. Certain circumstances can damage the surface permanently, so careful cleaning is essential. For this reason, homeowners should pay attention to the following information when installing quartz countertops.

Reclaimed wood is easier to work with

Reclaimed wood is more affordable than new wood and offers more benefits than you might think. First, you can choose from various wood species, giving your waterfall countertop a unique look. You can even use reclaimed wood in your kitchen ceilings. Its unique look adds character and warmth to any space. The wood is also stable and durable, so you won’t have to worry about dulling your knives.

You can find reclaimed wood in many different forms, including reclaimed barn doors, accent walls, and flooring. Reclaimed wood is easier to work with when it has been kiln-dried, which means it will be easier to work with. However, choosing a reputable dealer with certifications and a good reputation is essential. Reclaimed wood may be higher than virgin wood, but if you can deconstruct the wood to make it easier to work with, you can reduce its price.

Sleek design

If you’re considering installing a waterfall countertop, remember that the trend requires careful spatial planning. You’ll want to ensure that the waterfall countertop does not dominate your room and take away from the rest of the room.

The waterfall countertop trend may not be for everyone, but it can make a dramatic focal point in a room. It works well as a kitchen counter or bathroom vanity. Depending on the material, it can even be used in living room consoles or outdoor bars. As with any other countertop style, choosing the suitable material for the job is essential.

A waterfall countertop can add a touch of elegance to a modern kitchen. A white waterfall countertop is a beautiful accent to a white dining table and potted plants. It can also be paired with a stained wood waterfall countertop to bring warmth to the seating area. A waterfall countertop in wood is also a great choice because it contrasts nicely with the stainless steel appliances.

Creating a waterfall countertop is not a simple task. It requires suitable materials and precise lining up of veining. While wood is more forgiving than stone, a waterfall countertop can be difficult to achieve. A waterfall countertop may require a professional to install.


If you’re looking for a kitchen renovation trend that’s not only beautiful but also functional, waterfall countertops are one of the hottest trends around. This type of countertop looks impressive, is durable and adds an extra layer of protection for your cabinets. But it’s worth remembering that waterfall countertops are costly. If you don’t have the budget for a complete renovation, waterfall countertops might not be for you.

Another benefit of waterfall countertop designs is that they look great in any kitchen. Whether you have a modern contemporary kitchen or a rustic country one, you’ll find a waterfall countertop design that matches. There are various materials and colour options for waterfall countertops, and you can mix and match them with other trends.

The famous waterfall countertop materials are quartzite, granite, marble, and wood. Though man-made materials can be used as well, natural stones are the best choice for waterfall countertops. Their beauty comes from their unique veining and is often durable.