UncategorizedTurn Relationships into Revenue with Dynamics 365 for Sales Implementation

Turn Relationships into Revenue with Dynamics 365 for Sales Implementation

Dynamics 365 Sales brings digital intelligence that empowers sales teams to boost productivity and increase revenue while delivering personalized service to customers by leveraging meaningful insights.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales has new-age CRM (Customer Relationship Management) capabilities through an intelligent cloud-based Software as a Service or SaaS solution that helps enterprises to be future-ready. Embedded Artificial Intelligence or AI functionalities guide sales managers at every stage of business engagement, generate serious leads, predict precise customer needs, and help improve relationships.

Dynamics 365 Sales Features

Dynamics 365 Sales helps automate and organize the complete sales workflow using unified data across the entire sales department and enhances the sales team’s efficiency through performance insights.

Here below are some of the major features:

360- Degree Customer View

Dynamics 365 Sales collects customer data, from contact information to purchasing details, available within the customer life cycle – from a prospect to a contract. The application will collect those customer insights throughout all the touch points. The 360- Degree Customer View allows sales teams to access customers’ details and gain a deep understanding of customers, helping generate serious leads and convert more deals, thus improving sales outcomes.

Unified Sales Process

Dynamics 365 Sales delivers predefined sales paths through Sales Playbooks. The application allows sales managers to customize existing Playbooks or create new ones to serve specific customer requirements, ensuring a personalized and consistent sales process.

Business Card Scanner

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales helps automate data transactions for the potential sales leads. The application also identifies duplicate contact information and unifies those details into a single contact to avoid any communication mishaps.

Sales Workflow Automation

Dynamics 365 Sales delivers extensive automation capabilities, ranging from automated email campaigns to informative proposals, quotes, invoices, and more. The solution ensures data personalization through various automation triggers embedded within the CRM data, including names and other deal details.

Sales Assistant

Dynamics 365 Sales analyzes and connects critical CRM data sets, including customer interactions. The unified solution helps sales teams to generate and follow a series of suggested, insightful actions across each phase of the sales process while ensuring consistent communication and timely service delivery.

Predictive Leads and Opportunity Scoring

Dynamics 365 Sales provides AI- enabled Sales Insights that help sales representatives accurately identify the most promising leads with a higher conversion rate. The application will also convert existing and new customer data into scores. The predictive scoring functionality allows sales teams to pick and prioritize quality leads, allowing sales representatives to convert and close more deals.

Integrated Smart Capabilities

Dynamics 365 Sales is seamless to integrate with other Microsoft tools, including Excel, SharePoint, and Power BI. The integration helps sales managers create a unified source of data facts across the sales department and ensures smoother monitoring and management of lead and opportunity statistics.

Other Features Include:

  • Social Media Tracking helps businesses build authority in social channels through relevant, personalized content, while social media feature identifies competitive threats, tracks market trends, and finds high- quality, sincere leads.
  • Email Intelligence allows sales teams to access insights from email interactions with customers.
  • Content Personalization delivers personalized content with familiar Office 365 tools that enable real time collaborations and editing.
  • Sales Mobility enables anytime, anywhere sales operations with modern mobile applications that work even offline.
  • Partner Management provides a quick view of partner interactions across opportunities and deals through an interactive partner dashboard.
  • Gamification helps boost sales performance through fun, engaging team- based competitions.
  • Dynamics 365 for Sales facilitate personalized engagement between your sales team and buyers in a fast-paced environment and at scale. It is an adaptive selling tool that boosts revenue amidst uncertain business environment, frequently changing customer expectations, and fast-moving competitors.

Dynamics 365 Sales License and Cost Options

Pick the Ideal Dynamics 365 Sales Implementation Pricing Plan for Your Business or Consult the team Dynamics Square for Customized Cost Options for Dynamics 365 Sales Implementation.

Product MetricsDynamics 365 Sales ProfessionalDynamics 365 Sales EnterpriseMicrosoft Relationship SalesDynamics 365 Sales Insights
CapabilityProvides core sales- workflow automation functionalityProvides customizations and scalability through embedded AI features and manual forecasting   All these and more, in addition to the features available in the Professional editionIncludes all features of Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise license with relationship- building tools and LinkedIn Sales Navigator integrationAI- based addition for Sales Enterprise and Relationship Sales licenses that features prebuilt and embedded insights for improved customer engagements and informed decision- making.
Best Fit ForSmall Enterprises that manage a standard sales process  Medium to Large Businesses that manage both simple and complex sales processes  Medium to Large Enterprises that focus on deeper relationships with customers  Most ideal application for any business seeking smarter sales
PricingAUD 90 per user per monthAUD 131 per user per monthAUD 182 per user per monthAUD 69 per user per month

To Sum Up

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales implementation enables users to build meaningful relationships with prospects and customers, optimize users’ buying experiences, and helps with insightful data-backed decisions. Sales teams leverage Dynamics 365 Sales to track customer engagements through predictive data modeling that ensures increased sales conversion.

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