FinanceTop 4 Things We Shouldn't Save Money on

Top 4 Things We Shouldn’t Save Money on

Knowing how to save money is an important skill. Without it, no matter how many millions a day you make, you can’t save for the future. But there are some things on which saving money is more expensive. And we’re not talking about basement-stitched Chinese sneakers instead of good shoes, but about less obvious goods, like black jack books by world-famous authors, your health, and these 4 things.

Visits to a Therapist 

The times when therapists were confused with psychiatrists seem to be over, but the prejudice against the help of these specialists still remains.

Not everyone is willing to pay anywhere from $100 to infinity for an hour of conversation, and an hour is just the beginning. But people are ready to pay for their mental comfort in other ways. For example, to spend money on alcohol, which helps relieve stress. On unrestrained shopping, temporarily relieving anxiety. On expensive gifts to unfamiliar people, adding to the giver confidence in himself.

We still pay for our problems with money one way or another. But if they really interfere with life, it’s easier to solve them directly than to try to do it in roundabouts. A good psychologist can help you understand the cause of the problem and find more appropriate ways to solve it. This is especially important for people with all kinds of addictions that severely undermine the budget.

Your Appearance

Saving on decent clothes and shoes, hairdresser services or even personal hygiene, you can turn into a person, similar to the regulars of the city dens. Of course, you are unlikely to go to that extreme. But you can get the wrong impression of yourself with stumbling shoes or a jacket that’s been out of fashion for ten years.

Man in such clothes doesn’t seem serious or successful, the bosses are difficult to discern in him a potential leader, and the client – a specialist who can be trusted.

If you are too lazy to follow the latest fashion trends, choose the timeless classics.

For those who want to have an individual style, but lack knowledge on how to compose it, you will need a consultation with a stylist. But with its help you can save a lot of money on buying inappropriate things. And the emotional state of a person who likes himself becomes a great motivation for new successes.

Gadgets for Work

Old button phone and a crumbling laptop that takes a minute to open each document can bring up your stamina and asceticism. But if this technique is needed for other purposes (for example, for work), it’s time to change it. You can never be a successful video blogger if your ancient computer can not pull the program for video editing, and lead social networks with a phone that reboots every five minutes, even heavenly pleasure.

Buying the cheapest device from the store to replace it isn’t a good idea. You will save some money, but it will be a thing, which will not help you to achieve the goals, for which it was purchased. It turns out that you have an unnecessary device, and even less money left. Such a savings.

But good technology will speed up your work and will not work on your nerves with its glitches. And it will raise your self-esteem – as a bonus.

Paid Courses

Perhaps you would like to upgrade your skills in your profession or change the field of work. It is worth getting on the Internet with a request for training, and you are just flooded with options. And they are all for a fee. And even if they are free, to really learn something, you have to pay for training.

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Many people are not ready to shell out money for their education. You can find free videos on YouTube, ask your friends, or find a rented version of the course. Such an economy has a boomerang: haphazard training on videos wastes our time and effort, acquaintances give questionable recommendations, leaked courses are ten years old. Time passes, the case does not move. You would have long ago recouped the cost of his training, if you started to use new knowledge. But no.

That doesn’t mean you should grab the first training you see. Any purchase requires prior exploration, and so does buying information. Look at reviews for your chosen training, read reviews, and compare prices from similar schools. Before paying, study the offer agreement: under what conditions and in what amount you will get your money back if you are not satisfied with the training.

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