Strengthen And Moisture Your Hair Root By Using Hair Oil


One of the major issues that people end up facing is hair loss. This turns out to be depressing for anyone who is suffering from hair thinning and have gone on to lose a major chunk of their hair. The period where you wait for regrowth is a challenging task in itself and using non sticky hair oil will provide some form of solace.

There are numerous ways by which you can keep your hair in good condition and this is by following a healthy diet, sticking to a proper lifestyle etc. But still it suggested that you visit a doctor to have an idea about the reasons of hair thinning or hair loss and find out whether there is a medical condition associated with it. Considering a doctor first can help a person in clearing his or her doubts regarding a certain problem or an issue early. The best treatment is suggested and before you opt for any treatment like hair growth oil for women do follow the tips suggested by the doctors.

The ways by which you can take care of your hair

  • Do not wash your hair on a daily basis- Regular washing of your hair puts considerable pressure on the hair follicles. The scalp produces natural oil that nourishes the hair. When you are washing your hair daily you remove the natural oil that is present on the scalp and causing it to become itchy and dry. If you are planning to regrow your hair you need to be adopting a gentle approach towards it. Doctors suggest that you should not be washing it for three days at a stretch. When you are not washing your hair you can use a dry shampoo that will make it fresh and clean.
  • Brush is to be replaced with comb- After you take a shower the hair gets tangled. To untangle the hair you need to use a wide toothed shampoo that makes the process easy. Wet hair is more prone to damage than dry hair. You may begin from the tip and slowly move upwards. For a volume prone hair a comb with a wide teeth is to be used.
  • Trimming your hair regularly- Though your aim will be regrowth of hair, trimming is not a worthy option at all. You could end up cutting the split ends but trimming your hair and showing numerous hair styles would be an obstruction for hair growth. This may lead to aggravating your hair condition. Even if you are going to a haircut. It is advised that you ask the hair stylist not to blow up your hair. When you are not going for a haircut it is suggested that you should take a head massage with oil on a regular basis.

To conclude the oil has to be generously applied on to your scalp. You need to massage your hair with your fingertips in a gentle manner. A warm towel needs to be wrapped around the hair. For better results it is better that you leave it overnight. The oil is absorbed properly as it provides better nutrition to the hair follicles.