BusinessStrategic internet marketing plan – 8 Marketing channels for reaching the world

Strategic internet marketing plan – 8 Marketing channels for reaching the world

Internet marketing plan is basically a blueprint of activities which you need to perform in online world to advertise your brand and make it qualitative for people.

A plan in which you include how to promote your business, how much budget is required, where to invest, when to invest, proper execution of resources and many more things. It is a layout of everything you need to know before performing in market. 

Here we will also discuss about numerous channels which should be included in your plan. They guide you how to make your Business reach the world.

8 Marketing channels 

These channels have been design in such a way that any marketer can implement them in there business plan. It does not matter the business is small or large. All the channels are cost effective other than paid promotional channels. 

Search engine optimization 

This channel is mostly used by organizations as it optimizes the website with keywords and phrases that help them to engage large traffic in there website. Also if more people will engage in your website then google rank it on top searches which will make your website popular enough to reach the world. SEO is of two types organic and paid; there execution depends on your budget. 

Social media marketing 

Here your brand is publically released in front of millions of people who are already following social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, twitter and YouTube. If you want to create your  YouTube channel but don’t know how to start, Intro Maker can help you with that. Brand can be promoted here in the form of video content, blog, podcast, images with phrases Etc. Which help to engage maximum traffic in your website? 

Email marketing 

It is used to send professional newsletter to the potential customers who have already subscribed or registered on your website to get your brand related emails. You can send one promotional mail to bulk of customers to engage large traffic in your website and to make your brand reach worldwide.

Mobile marketing 

Mobile has become the lifeline of every individual. Brand promoted here reach millions of people and interested customers will respond you instantly.  This is the only digital device which is available with everyone 24/7. Here promotion is done in the form of messages, multimedia text or through your business application.

Website marketing

Creating a website is like having an online shop in digital world. It is very much crucial to be developed as it is the base of online marketing. It is used by customers to grab information about your business, brand, resources and services. Authentic and informative website grabs more traffic.

Content Marketing 

Having content is like creating a backbone of your website.  It acts as a cover page of website where all the relevant information about business is mentioned. Make it unique and attractive diverse more people towards your brand.

Online Advertising 

Multiple options are available to advertise your brand and one of them is making promotion of brand online like on famous channels line Facebook, television, radio and YouTube.

Pay per click

This method is paid promotion. Some investment is required here to promote your brand in the form of banner and pop-ups which prompt in search engines whenever a user make search. Although it is for limited time but it provide unbelievable benefits to companies.

By executing all the channels in your marketing plan would definitely provide you outstanding result


You have many options in digital marketing.  You can easily outsource your digital marketing work to freelance digital marketers available at Fiverr or Freelancer kind of websites. You can even outsource it to any reputed digital marketing company online. You can also learn digital marketing easily through videos available online platforms like UDEMY or YouTube. Google is also providing free online digital marketing courses or you can also join a good Digital Marketing Course online or offline in  your area.

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