What are Types of Replacement Cushions & Which One is Best For You

Velvet Sofa Cushion Covers

You are not alone if you have been considering purchasing a replacement cushion online for your patio furniture. It is inevitable that cushions will eventually wear out and become unsightly or no longer provide the comfort they once did. You, too, may have to shop for and buy new outdoor replacement cushions if you find that your furniture cushions fall into that category.

There are a lot of quality cushions on the market, and the most popular one is velvet sofa cushion covers.

Types of Replacement Cushions:

In general, there are two ways of making cushions. Usually, the most economical way to make cushions is to use tufted or filled cushions. Cushions of this type have fabric panels filled with polyester fibres or a similar filler. Since these cushions are not expected to perfectly match the shape of the furniture, they are known as forgiving cushions. Tufted cushions provide a unique set of curves that set them apart from more formal foam cushions.

Foam-filled cushions are probably the second most expensive type of cushion. As foam cushions are more rigid in nature than filled cushions, they are firmer. Their distinctive outline lends them a more formal and elegant appearance.

In most furniture styles that use thick seat and back cushion sets, the seat cushions are made from foam, and the back cushions are filled. Sets with only seat cushions are typically less formal and will benefit from using tufted cushions. Foam seat cushions are preferred by people who prefer a more luxurious and firm feel over tufted ones.


Size matters when it comes to outdoor furniture cushions as well. 

 The last thing you want is ugly cushions, and you certainly don’t want them to be uncomfortable. To get the right size, measure. 

Cushions are generally rectangular in shape, with certain adjustments made to the shape to conform to what you described above. Therefore, your cushions will have one width and depth measurement, unless you have something really special, in which case you will need to adjust your documentation.

It is acceptable to measure the old replacement cushions to get your measurements for a new outdoor replacement cushion, provided the old cushions are still in good condition. It is necessary to measure the furniture if you do not have existing cushions that are in good enough condition to be measured, such as if your cushions are too badly deformed from use or if you’re purchasing new ones for the first time.


By using ties, cushions can be kept from moving too far from the location where they are to be used.  

Strangely enough, you shouldn’t rely on ties to keep your seat cushions in place while you sit on them. The cushion fabric on which the ties are attached is not made of iron, nor are the ties themselves. As a result of constant stretching and pulling, the ties attached to the cushion will become weak and rip.

With chaise lounge chairs, many people use ties on the seat cushion because gravity causes you to slide down. 

 The only thing need to avoid is putting a lot of stress on the ties, and you should be aware of that and the risk of damage.

Armchairs, love seats, and sofas typically do not require ties for the seat cushions. If you leave your cushions on a chair or bench for a long time without using them, it’s a good idea to tie them if there are no arms. It is likely you will find them on the ground or blown around the property if you do not.

What Should you Choose?

The shape of cushions deteriorates over time. As the furniture’s plumpness diminishes, it looks sad and begging for some care and attention.

Foam Cushions

If you’re considering replacing your inner cushions, foam is the option with the easiest upkeep. Foam is highly supportive and retains its shape even after prolonged use.

If you’re going with foam, you’ll have to pick your preferred comfort grade. There are loads of choices, with different grades aligning with various feels (from hard to soft), suitable uses (like headboards or seat cushions), and price ranges.

Feather Cushions

Feather cushions are a little heavier than foam ones and may need plumping on a daily basis. It may be right for you if this bothers you. Replace your existing feather cushions with brand new ones to give your furnishings a fresh look. For those who dislike the blocky look that comes with some standard foam cushions, this might be a good option.

Feather cushions come in a variety of styles. You can, for instance, choose a feather/downmix that is known for its ‘sink ability’ and comfort. 

It gives you the same level of warmth as feather filling (which is especially useful for pillows and cushions). Down is long-lasting, lighter, and more durable than feathers. Due to this, you can expect to pay a little more for down.