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MJ Arsenal
MJ Arsenal

MJ Arsenal makes a variety of glass pieces and dab rigs. Some of their products are made from borosilicate and others are made from quartz. Both are high-quality options. If you are in the market for a new dab rig, these might be worth looking at.

MJ Arsenal’s borosilicate dab rigs

One of the best ways to get the most out of your cannabis is with a dab rig. The right unit can unlock the full potential of cannabis and help you to enjoy its terpene profile. You can click here for more information about these products.  

Another product that offers a superior dabbing experience is the Infinity Mini. This product is designed with a slim and sleek design. It has numerous features and a fab-egg design for removing tar and resin. It is attractive and can serve as an art piece when not in use.

MJ Arsenal has a variety of borosilicate hash oil device options. The Jammer Mini Hash oil device is one of their most popular mini hash oil devices. Its 4mm borosilicate glass and reinforced base connected perc make it tough enough to handle daily use. And because they use less air, you can use the Mini Rig for more discreet dabbing sessions.

MJ Arsenal offers a wide variety of hash oil devices and water pipes. From beginner to advanced users, the company offers affordable and high-quality products. Many customers come to try one product and leave with 3 or more! The company is located in stoner central Denver, Colorado. It is surrounded by marijuana enthusiasts and pioneers, making it a fantastic place to start.

Freeze Pipe’s quartz banger

The quartz banger is one of the newest additions to the concentrates scene. Click the link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quartz for more information about quartz. These extruded pipes are made from a mineral composition and are extruded with industrial furnaces. They offer a variety of benefits, including better heat retention and lower temperature dabbing. They are an excellent choice for dabbing, and are a great alternative to glass bangers.

The Premium Half Weld Quartz Banger is ideal for dabbers who are looking for the ultimate airflow and stability. It features a male 10mm connection and a bucket design that is ideal for heavier loads. It will elevate your smoking experience to the next level.

In addition to offering excellent heat retention, the quartz banger is also resistant to extreme heat and cold temperatures. This allows for great flavor without dulling. The quartz banger also offers a long lifespan, and it will last you a long time. The MJ Arsenal offers a wide variety of quartz bangers in its arsenal.

Another type of device is the Freeze Pipe. These pipes come in many varieties and are designed to provide potent hits. Choosing a banger is essential, as it will determine the temperature range, flavor, and smoothness of the hits. Quartz bangers are the ideal choice for consuming cannabis concentrates.

Royale Mini Rig

The Royale Mini Rig in MJ arsenal is a portable hash oil device that is made of sturdy materials and packs a surprising punch. Its shape is reminiscent of a fab egg, and it features a wide, flared mouthpiece and a 10mm female joint

It also comes with a built-in reclaim catcher. This device is also designed with a four-hole base mounted percolator, which gives users maximum diffusion. The water and vapor are forced through the holes in the base, where they can be tasted immediately.

The product is an advanced version of the classic “fab-egg”. Designed after the iconic shape of a glass egg, it combines the percolation power of the classic and the Ursa. It utilizes small holes in the joint to force hot vapor and cooling water together, creating a smooth, vapor-free pull every time.

This small device features a high-grade borosilicate glass construction and thermal-resistant air-path to reduce smoke temperature and preserve flavor. It also features a flared ground glass connection and a tight-fitting glass-to-ground-glass connection. This product also features a 100% quartz crystal banger, which delivers a smooth, rich, milky vapor. Its quartz banger also offers an exceptionally wide spectrum of thermal resistance, ensuring that your hits of hash oil are as smooth as possible.

Infinity Mini Rig

The Infinity Mini Rig from MJ Arsenal is the perfect size for dabbing. Designed with egg style percolation and a base-connected four-hole percolator, this hash oil device offers maximum flavor and potency. This compact hash oil device has a six-inch height and three-inch width.

This product was created to serve as an alternative to the traditional rig. Its compact design is ideal for concentrates and wax and offers a luxurious and space-saving alternative to the standard rigs. Its design is inspired by the Yin and Yang principles and features classical fab-egg filtration with rhythmic cyclonic filtration. This product also features a built-in oil catch.

It is one of the latest innovations from MJ Arsenal. This 5 inch egg recycler is perfect for concentrates. Its narrow chambers, double uptake recycler, and quartz banger make it an excellent choice for those who enjoy a smooth and creamy vapor.

Jammer Mini Rig

The Jammer Mini Rig from MJ Arsenal is a palm-sized, 4mm borosilicate glass ripper. With its reinforced base-connected perc, this rig can be used with concentrates or wax. It requires less air than a standard rig but delivers flavorful vapor production.

Its unique design allows for a very consistent and clean hit. This makes it an ideal hash oil device for both novices and experienced users. It is small enough to be portable but also has a complex filtration path. This particular device has many benefits, which will make it an essential accessory for any dabbing enthusiast.

It is the perfect size for the palm and is loaded with great features. Its 100% pure quartz crystal banger diffuses smoke for a smoother rip. It also features an extra-thick 4mm borosilicate glass. The product also features a reinforced base-connected percolator, which sends smoke down the chamber while fine bubbles rise through the cooling water.

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