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Love Your ADHD Brain

For thousands of years, humans have believed that the heart is the centre of the universe. Honouring notion, Egyptian Royalty killed by removing all organs except the soul.

Our society of 2012 perpetuates this myth by linking various emotions like heartbreak, pain, love and love towards the soul. We even have a day specifically for the heart! These tendencies can have positive results because we have an acute appreciation of the need to ensure that our hearts are healthy. It is why heart disease has decreased.

ADHD Brain

Do you not think that the brain is worthy of the same respect and devotion? It’s the most potent brain ever developed. The 2-to-4-pound wonder inside our skulls is not just the source of our every feeling, thought and movement, but it also is what defines our lives. Made up of more than 60% fat and requires 25% of our blood for every heartbeat. Our brains yell for a renewed focus and love, particularly ADHD brains.

The 5 Domains of Brain Health:

Neuroscience has given us a completely new insight into the functioning of our brain, which has, in turn, helped to create a new field of research, which I will call Brain Health. Brain health is a critical factor in human development. as we are now aware, it can create new brain cells because of the brain’s “plasticity,” which is the brain’s capacity always to change and reorganize throughout its lifespan. It may cause “brain reserve,” which is the process of forming strong cell connections. We believe it could help delay the beginning of neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s. Source: Buy Adderall Online

What are the factors that contribute to an enlightened brain? Studies on animals have proven that environmental influences are crucial for improving your brain’s overall health and processing capabilities. Researchers have identified specific actions and activities that will enhance the health of the brain and are a part of each of the five areas I concentrate on within my Brain Health Lifestyle(r) program:


The brains require large amounts of blood released from every heartbeat. Therefore, we must be active and mobile creatures to maximize brain performance. Physical activity is an excellent method for all of us to stay active, and numerous studies have demonstrated the connection between physical exercise and emotional and cognitive well-being. Do a mile every day and do an aerobic activity every week three times and swim, dance and don’t sit in a sedentary position for prolonged periods.

Mental Stimulation:

The development of “brain reserve” can be accomplished through engaging with “novel and complex” activities regardless of age. Research shows the benefits of language, including sign language, reading, writing, travel, music, artistic creativity, crossword puzzles, board games, and online mental exercises (see We must continue to acquire new knowledge and constantly explore new things.

Human Socialization:

Evolved into creatures that required connection and living, eating, fighting, while dying. Social interaction has helped our brains grow and get smarter. It means we must get involved in our communities, homes, schools and communities. We must have a “role and purpose” in life; without it, we risk premature death. Think about staying employed and contributing in a significant way throughout your life. Don’t be a divider and isolate. It is unhealthy to be lonely.


We’ve all been spiritual creatures. The area is known as “neurotheology” unlocks the advantages of meditation, prayer and inner peace to the functional and structural components of the brain. Humans can benefit from these methods as a means of reducing stress while also improving the health of our cognitive and emotional. Stressful lives can affect learning, make people forgetful and cause a lack of attention. It is crucial to determine the stress triggers and learn relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation or even prayer. Achieving more sleep can also aid since many Americans suffer from sleep deprivation and mental and emotional issues. For 30 minutes a day, there is nothing you can do for your health and the well-being of the brain!

Dietary Intake:

can affect the structure and functioning of the brain. We must increase the amount of Omega-3 fats. Ideally, we could achieve this by having 8 ounces of fresh fish each week, including herring, salmon tuna, sardines, and tuna. If you cannot satisfy this requirement, you may want to consider an additional supplement. It is also essential to consume five servings of fruits and veggies daily (antioxidants). In addition, limiting trans fats, processed foods, and fried foods will aid brain function more efficiently.

Love Your ADHD Brain

Everyone can benefit from knowing the fundamentals of brain health and establishing an exercise routine that promotes brain health. There is no more vital component of our body or helping us achieve our goals than a physically and mentally healthy brain. I’ve provided some of the most critical information about brain health in this piece. Are you prepared? Get started today and show affection for the ADHD brain!

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