Important Tips to Play Laser Tag in Singapore!

Laser Tag in Singapore

Laser tag is a multiplayer game that has been around for decades. Laser tag is generally a strategic game where you have to stun your opponent using your laser gun.

Laser tag is one of those games with numerous benefits and very few drawbacks. It teaches teamwork and strategy. It keeps you healthy. It can be played indoors or outdoors and is completely safe.

You might think that this game is outdated because it is too old but laser tag in Singapore is very popular even today. The duration of each game varies; a single game might keep going for a couple of hours.

Steps to start:

1.   Find the best laser tag arena:

The cost of each arena varies by its services. So it completely depends on you whether you want an expensive or a cheap one. The arena will be full of fluorescent light. There are many arenas that offer to play laser tag in Singapore.

2. Full-fill the requirements:

Once you have chosen the arena for the event, fill up the form. You can find it online if the service provider publishes it online. There is no age restriction for playing laser tag however some arenas have their own guidelines.

3. Get the Quotation:

Once you are done filling out forms you just have to wait for the arena to respond to you. It usually takes a couple of hours. They would schedule your event according to your requirements.

4. Payment:

Once you receive your quotation letter, you just have to pay the rent and wait for the event. There are many arenas that offer online payment methods.

5. Prepare Yourself: 

Before getting started, prepare yourself for the event. Firstly, gather all your friends. Secondly, find a costume that suits your personality. Lastly, discuss your strategy with your team members.

Tips for Laser tag:

You need to be strategic to win this game. If you are a newbie the following tips might help you to win this game:

  • Make a team:

Once you have gathered up all your friends, you need to make a team if you want to play a team battle. But if you want to go for the last man standing you don’t need to build up your team.

  • Find the best laser gun:

All the arenas have their own guns so you don’t have to worry about having one, it is provided by the them. The name of the laser gun is imprinted on the gun. They all work differently, some are with high accuracy while some are with high shooting range.

  • Review the rules and map:

Follow all the rules and review the maps, just so you can survive and win this game. You have to memorize the map to know all the places where your opponent can hide. If you are playing a battle royal you probably have to revise the map as you need to be defensive and attacking at the same time.

  • Be Careful: 

If you are good at first-person shooting games. This is not difficult for you as laser tag is also played just like a first-person shooter. But if you have never played any shooting game before, you will probably have a tough time playing laser tag.

  • Change your strategies

By changing your strategy repeatedly you can win this game. Ducking and moving in a zigzag pattern might help a lot. You can hide your sensors with a gun. You can cover the sensor which is implanted at the center of your vest with the gun you are holding.


Conclusively, if you love to play multiplayer games you should definitely go through laser tag today. As this game has all the features which a multiplayer gamer loves. It is safe and promotes teamwork. Laser tag in Singapore is appealing to a lot of new tourists so this is one of the reasons why it is getting popular globally. Happy Playing – Good Luck!