IELTS Exam Qualification Tips for Beginners

IELTS Exam Qualification Tips for Beginners
IELTS Exam Qualification Tips for Beginners

IELTS Exam Qualification

Hey! Are you going to take IELTS? Do you lack confidence? So, here are some IELTS exam qualification tips for beginners form here you can start your preparation. IELTS refers to the international English language testing system, essential for students who wish to study abroad. Here is a useful and user-friendly guide to offer the best IELTS exam Qualification tips for beginners mainly.

IELTS Qualification Tips for Score Good

Beginners Guide for IELTS Exam Tips

IELTS is compulsory for those who want to study, migrate or find a job abroad. There is no pass or fail mark for this exam. And the band score of IELTS scale starts from 1.0 to and end on 9.0 you can score here. These notes are called bands. Applicants will receive an overall group score, as well as individual scores for reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The listening and reading sections of the IELTS syllabus are the same for IELTS General and IELTS Academic. Also, the listening and speaking sections will vary depending on the content of the test. So, now you have a rough idea of ​​the program. But, in order to better mark and ensure your future trip, some advice and suggestions are addressed to you by oversea education consultants only.

Have a clear idea of ​​the program:

The exam tests your speaking, reading, listening and writing skills. So, in addition to preparing for these 4 sections, you need to review the previous year’s questions and sample questions. It will enrich your knowledge.

Understanding the test format:

If you want to perform well in the exam, you need to update yourself on the exam pattern. This will make you systematically prepare for the exam. You can check the Test format here mentioned below:

  1. Listening IELTS Test — for 30 minutes. 4 sections are here which contain 40 questions.
  2. Reading IELTS test – for 60 minutes. You have to attempt the 3 section with 40 questions.
  3. Speaking IELTS expression test – for 11 to 14 minutes. 3 sections are here. There will be an examiner to ask you questions. Don’t worry, you can do it. Just follow the advice.
  4. Essay (Academic) – It contains two assignments allocating 60 minutes.
  5. Writing (General) – This takes 60 minutes and gives you two tasks (writing a letter and an essay)

Study Vocabulary:

Building vocabulary will definitely help you achieve better results. Use an online and offline dictionary to know the meanings, synonyms, antonyms and usages of unknown words. Most students don’t use a good dictionary. Using a good dictionary will improve your understanding of the language. You should

  1. Use a monolingual (English to English) dictionary when looking up meanings.
  2. When writing, avoid using pompous, unfamiliar and confusing words.
  3. Save useful phrases attached to specific topics
  4. Regularly read newspapers, journals, storybooks, magazines, etc.
  5. Write it down every time you learn a new word, phrase, or phrase.
  6. Practice writing regularly. Give your practice copy to a knowledgeable person for correction.

Have a good time reading:

You should keep in mind that reading about different things enriches your mind and understanding.

  1. Read the editorial sections of newspapers. Only reading the titles will not help you.
  2. Make reading a habit. You will only have 2 minutes to read a passage in IELTS.
  3. You will have 40 questions in the reading section of IELTS. Therefore, reading at home is a must.
  4. Reading aloud is more beneficial. It helps you remember the text.
  5. Practice fluency and correct pronunciation.
  6. Try to focus on key words in the passage when reading at home.

Score good with these tips for IELTS qualification or you can also join IELTS coaching for preparation in goof environment. This can also help you to learn different topics and IELTS tricks which can help you scoring good.  So, get yourself enrolled in IELTS coaching in Lucknow as this will help your save thousands of rupees as Lucknow is very-very reasonable for IELTS preparation.

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