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How Long-Lasting ResCorp Commercial Roofing Lasts?

If you’re wondering how long ResCorp Commercial Roofing lasts, you’ve come to the right place. The roofs that ResCorp installs can last anywhere from fifteen to twenty-five years, depending on the weather. Not only are they durable, but they’re also aesthetically pleasing. Here’s how to choose the right roof for your building. You’ll be glad you did!

15 to 25 years

Whether you have an aging or damaged roof, ResCorp Commercial Roofing is a cost-effective solution. Unlike traditional built-up roofing, it can be applied over the existing roof without affecting the interior of your building. It can even be installed over the existing roof to prevent the need for a complete roof replacement. For these reasons and more, many companies are choosing this option instead of a complete roof replacement.

The life of a commercial roof depends on the material used, its installation process, and the amount of maintenance it receives. EPDM rubber roofing, for example, can last between twelve and 15 years. Because of the seams, however, EPDM commercial roofing may only last 15 to 25 years. EPDM, on the other hand, is cheaper but tends to absorb heat more easily. This material is best for low-sloped roofs since it can last 15 to 25 years.

Is aesthetically pleasing

There are two main types of roofing systems used on commercial buildings, one that is aesthetically pleasing and provides protection from the elements. The type of roofing material used on commercial buildings depends on the size and style of the building. On steeply-sloped buildings, the roofing system might consist of architectural tile, slate, or asphalt shingles. In contrast, the roof of a commercial building is usually flat or slightly sloped.

There are many reasons to hire a commercial roofing company. A company that knows everything about roofing, building codes, and the right way to install it is far more likely to produce an aesthetically pleasing roof. Attempting to repair the roof on your own could end up in costly mistakes and a waste of money. A commercial roofing company can also get you the best materials at the lowest prices. Whether you need a new roof or a roofing repair, you can rest assured that ResCorp will make your commercial property aesthetically pleasing and secure.


One of the benefits of ResCorp Commercial Roofing is that it is highly affordable, and it can be applied to any type of roof, including damaged or aging ones. This coating can also be applied to existing roofs without causing major disruptions to the building’s interior. Many companies are now opting for this type of roofing over a full roof replacement. The roofing systems that are available through ResCorp are both attractive and durable.

The materials used in the manufacture of ResCorp Commercial Roofing are highly durable, and they are designed to last for decades. While traditional roofing materials are prone to tearing and damage, these materials can be easily repaired. Moreover, EPDM roofing materials are available in small sheets, which can be placed on the roof in case of emergencies. However, EPDM roofing is not UV-resistant and requires frequent maintenance. Because of these properties, this roofing is not a good option for large commercial buildings.


The price of ResCorp commercial roofing varies from $3.50 to $7.50 per square foot, which makes it affordable for small and medium businesses alike. This type of roofing is made from industry-standard materials and can last up to 25 years, depending on how well it’s maintained. However, this type of roofing is susceptible to foot traffic damage. It’s also easy to repair and comes in small sheets in case of an emergency. It is not UV-resistant and requires frequent maintenance.


ResCorp Commercial Roofing offers several types of commercial roofing systems, including flat, asphalt shingles, and slate. The type of roofing system you choose will depend on your building’s size and shape. Larger buildings will have steep roofs made of slate, asphalt shingles, and architectural tile, while smaller buildings will likely have flat or slightly sloping roofs. But, regardless of the style of your building, you can rest assured that ResCorp Commercial Roofing Augusta, GA, is affordable, experienced, and reliable.

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