TechFeatures you must have in your OKR project management tool in 2023

Features you must have in your OKR project management tool in 2023

OKR tracking software helps organizations ensure that their employees and teams follow the best possible workplace practices and easily access sensitive organizational information, security, and resources. As the most significant thing for any organization is the target output, it is vital to map this out. It is extremely dependent on how productive the organization’s workforce is. It has become mandatory for organizations to use employee performance tracking software as it helps organizations to survive and retain their business in the industry. Therefore, it is safe to say that tracking the performance of the employees is highly important to ensure that the organization meets its strategic goals without any issues. Moreover, employee performance tracking helps organizations keep a tab on the growth and development of their employees to promote their capabilities and skills. 

An effective OKR tracking software enables organizations to implement a robust framework that benefits both the parties – the employees and the organization. This works to establish a sustainable framework that uplifts and supports the organization’s ability to perform at its best. Before we dive into the best features of employee performance tracking software, let us take a glance at its benefits:

1. Boosts the morale of the organizational teams and employees

2. Determine the area of strength and weakness of the employees

3. Enrich the productivity of the organization

4. Establishes a culture of being responsible

5. Identify the skills of the individuals and recognize their best roles respectively

Now, let us look at the best features of the employee performance tracking software:

1. Regular check-ins for maximizing productivity

Imagine what the result would be when the manager and employee communicate annually. This will throw the organization’s productivity off a cliff and skyrocket the employee attrition rate. OKR tracking software comes into the picture and prevents this problematic situation from arising. Organizations across the globe are embracing this approach to strengthen the bond between leaders and employees. This also helps them provide guidance and supervision to the members of the teams and organization. Not to forget, employee OKR management prevents recency bias, halo effect, and central tendency bias from popping into the picture. 

2. Review and recognition for engaging the workforce

It is absolutely normal for employees to want to get recognized for their contribution and work. When the organization fails to value them and their work, they are bound to get disengaged and get on the track of exploring other options to work at. In order to prevent such a situation from arising, organizations must prioritize establishing mutual trust by facilitating effective employee performance-tracking software in place. Such an employee OKR project management tool saves the leaders and managers from bearing the stress of maintaining tons of excel sheets to track the workforce’s performance. Digitalizing the process gives the organization an added advantage by boosting the engagement of the workforce and ensuring they remain in the organization for a long time period, thereby reducing the costs involved with termination and hiring. 

3. Agile goal establishing 

Establishing objectives remains a highly important part of all sorts of organizations. The objectives have to be set in the right manner to ensure that the organization and its employees reach great heights. OKR project management tool organizations to set smart objectives. This implies that the organization uses specific, measurable, attainable, reliable, and time-bound goals to ensure that the organization always remains on track to attaining desired success. An automated system enables organizations to monitor the progress of the teams and individuals toward their respective objectives and direct all of the organizational contributions toward the organization’s common goal. Employee OKR management adds alignment to the organization, which is crucial for guiding the organization toward success. 

4. 360-degree feedback for facilitating a collaborative culture 

The OKR project management tool needs to have a feature that enables employees to give feedback to their managers and other team members of the organization. Organizations should have a culture that enables downward, upward, and horizontal communication methods. The peers, as well as the direct reports, will be able to share their valuable feedback in an anonymous manner that will ensure that these exchanges are kept confidential. In most industries, 360-degree feedback has become quite common as they want their employees to get familiar with the area of their strengths and weaknesses. This is very important for the overall development and success of the employees, teams, and the organization. Plus, this ensures that the organization has a culture that focuses on improving one and all. 

JOP is one medium that enables organizations to do it all – setting goals, monitoring the progress of the objectives, and providing valuable feedback in real time. As an effective employee, OKR tracking software, it will help your organization in attaining the desired success. 

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