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Best time to visit matheran camping


Matheran is a car-free hill station and municipal council in Maharashtra’s Raigad district’s Karjat taluka. Matheran camping is an Indian hill station in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. It’s located in the Western Ghats at an elevation of about 800 metres (2,625 feet) above sea level. It’s about 90 kilometres from Mumbai and 120 kilometres from Pune. Many people use it as a weekend getaway because of its proximity to these urban areas.The Ministry of Environment, Forests, and Climate Change of the Government of India has designated Matheran, which translates to “forest on the forehead” (of the mountains), as an environmentally sensitive area.. It is Asia’s only automobile-free hill station.

How to reach

With the closest train station in the foothill town of Neral, Matheran is accessible by rail and road to Mumbai (100 km) and Pune (120 km).The closest airport is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai.

By train:

              A narrow gauge train station is located right in the middle of Matheran. The former Matheran Hill Railway operates a large number of trains to Neral every day.

The toy train connects to the main rail line at the Neral Junction. A toy train or small train service ran between Neral and Matheran starting on October 22, 2022.

By car:

           Both the Neral and Karjat train stations offer bus service, and there is a taxi service that runs between them and the Aman Lodge. Inside Matheran, only an ambulance operated by the local government is allowed.

Best time

When the city seems too crowded, the air seems too dusty, and the surroundings seem monotonous, cast your gaze toward the lush sweeps of the Western Ghats.. Green, lovely, and shrouded in thick cloud cover. where waterfalls curve and slide down as it is gently raining. where every shade of green is delightful and enlightening.

Many city inhabitants visit the modest hill station known as Matheran in search of this splendour and greenery. There is a small area of the world where the use of automobiles and other motorised vehicles is prohibited, and there are no pollution in the sky, water, or air. Your mind is free to wander in this small village where peace prevails over the bustling rhythms of a city.

Peak Times: Summer and Winter

Monsoon season, off-season

Winter (October – February) 

Wintertime highs and lows in Matheran typically range from 34 degrees to 18 degrees.

Although winter temperatures on average are relatively pleasant, they can suddenly drop to 10 degrees Celsius. Winter in Matheran features frigid evenings and days that are moderately warmed by the winter sun. The monsoon’s strong wash has entirely revitalised the hill town, and the sky and the ground will vie for your attention.

Why you ought to go right away: This time of year, Matheran sees a large influx of tourists from nearby towns and cities, and for good cause. You can experience the monsoon’s benefits throughout this season as the rainfall alters the hill town. Many people believe that this is the ideal time of year to visit Matheran. Additionally, Matheran experiences little tourist traffic throughout the winter months of October at the start and January at the conclusion, so you’ll have the luxury of having this charming little hill station to yourself.

Things to know before you go: Winter is the ideal season to see Matheran’s fauna, especially the various species of monkeys that live there.

Monsoon (July-September)

During the monsoon season, Matheran’s average temperature ranges from 33 degrees in the high to 24 degrees in the low.

Matheran typically receives 150 inches of rain per year, the most of which falls during the monsoon season. Millions of droplets fell from the dense, heavy clouds, drenching the area in torrential downpours. Every bit of summer dust is washed off by swollen waterfalls, small lakes, and streams, revealing Matheran’s unspoiled beauty. The air is thin, chilly, and devoid of oppressive humidity.

Why you ought to go right away: First, the breathtaking splendour that is on exhibit. When all you can see are buildings and skyscrapers, the dark clouds and lush hills are a welcome change of scenery. Second, you may still explore certain forests, and if you’re looking for waterfalls, the monsoon season is a great time to find them. The Ganesh festival, which is celebrated throughout the state of Maharashtra, may also be enjoyed at Matheran. This season will be full of new inspiration for poets, writers, and painters.

You must walk carefully to prevent mishaps because you will be exploring Matheran on foot (because motorised vehicles are not permitted in this mountainous station). Additionally, if you enjoy taking pictures, Matheran has all the beauty you could want. Ensure that all of your equipment is watertight.

Summer (March-June)

The average high temperature in Matheran in the summertime is 34 degrees, while the average low temperature is 22 degrees.

While other cities heat up in the summer, Matheran slowly warms up.This makes for a comfortable and warm summer. On certain days, the temperature exceeds 35°C.The weather is fairly consistent, so you can do a variety of things without getting too hot or tired.

Why you ought to go right away: Grab a bike and explore the various trails in the neighbourhood because it’s biking season in Matheran. Spectacular sunrises and sunsets add to the beauty of the morning and evening. If you visit Matheran in the summer, you can take part in the Matheran Mahotsav, a five-day long mega event. Enjoy local performers as they provide a range of cultural performances that highlight Matheran’s rich talent pool.

You should be aware that Matheran can become dusty throughout the summer, so bring footwear in case you decide to go exploring.

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