10 Amazing Rigid Box Packaging Design Ideas

rigid boxes
rigid boxes

Among other marketing tools, the rigid boxes are the option for brand promotion. They contain heavy-duty material for offering protection. You can undoubtedly use them to create the charm of your brand in the industry. They offer simple assembly, and you do not need to use glue, tape, or other items to close it. These boxes provide quick access to the product due to their creative designs. You can customize them according to your will. In this article, we are going to explain ten amazing box design ideas to create a mesmerizing display for your product 

1. Make Your Logo More Glamorous on Rigid Boxes

A logo offers recognition in the industry. Highlighting it on the rigid boxes is necessary so that it grabs the attention of maximum people. Make your logo more glamorous since it produces brand identity. You can boost its appearance with embossing. This is the best technique that offers a touch sensation. Most buyers like to touch the logo, which triggers them to buy the product. Display your logo with a 3D effect. You can use artwork and suitable color schemes to enhance your logo on the rigid boxes. This factor will attract more onlookers. Do not ignore modern logo designing techniques.

2. Provide Essential Information to Customers 

People become familiar with brand products via packaging style. The sort of information on the cases motivates them to buy products. It generates more leads for the brand. Mention all essential things on the rigid box packaging. This is vital if you aim to improve sales. The address, tagline, logo, and shades are compulsory tools. They describe your brand in the market so that end-users feel is noticeable. Moreover, they can recognize your products on the store shelves.

3. Increase the Protection through Inserts and other Add-ons

Reliance is compulsory in the industry. All the delicate items need solid care. So, any mismanagement can lead to negative results. It may break or damage them. With mishandling, you may ruin their usability. People trust their favorite brands that they deliver 100% accurate items. Due to the poor packaging, you will damage your products. It results in losing your customers. Adding inserts inside your rigid packaging is a valuable way to avoid this problem. 

You may also fill your boxes with cushioning items. It acts as a support to fragile products. Do not ignore UV laminations and moisture shields. So, they offer excellent humidity and moisture resistance. With luxury boxes, you can save your goods from heat and rays. It refreshes the goods for a long time.

Moreover, it extends their shelf life. Safe and secure packaging brings more buyers to your brand. It increases your sales and generates higher profit.

4. Go for Unique Shapes

It would help if you were different from your competitors. There is a variety of shapes and forms of boxes that you can pick. Avoid choosing typical conditions since people do not like these things. Raise their curiosity via various box styles. Custom rigid boxes support many shapes and forms. You can go for pyramids, rectangular and circular. 

5. Use High-Tech Printing Options

There are various sorts of printing techniques available in the industry. Each type comes with unlimited benefits. It is up to your business requirement which style will suit your boxes. You should pick the method that best highlights your brand. On the boxes, you can print in large fonts. It will snatch attention from a distance. The semi-quick and quick-drying inks can be the best option. It will leave a long-lasting impression. No doubt, this printing method is suitable for high-volume jobs. In the industry, 3D printing and screen printing are the resining trends. 

6. Include Die-Cut or a Window for a Better Display

Increasing buyers’ curiosity is an effective marketing tool. You can do so by making your products visible. It helps them to make up their mind about shopping. Die-cuts come with the usual usage. It undoubtedly adds a quality look to your boxes and assures safety. You can motivate your customers to buy the product with a die-cut window. This rigid boxes design is attractive and charming. The window on them provides an incredible display. It is solid and unbreakable.

7. Add a Luxurious Touch

Creating luxury packaging is about providing the right mix of design ideas. Plus, you have to work on interactive elements to make your packages more appealing. To make your rigid boxes more luxurious, use internal printing. Color the box from the inside or introduce a random print. You may also use decorative inserts to place in your products more elegantly. Adding a little gift, a new sample, a printed note or anything complimentary help grab more customers’ attention. All these tactics can add a luxurious touch to your packaging. 

8. Use Decoration Accessories

This is the time to design custom boxes with creative ideas. To attract buyers, you can use some embellishments like ribbons, flowers, and tags. Using these adornments on the boxes motivates them to hold the box. So it encourages them to purchase the product.

9. Design Rigid Boxes with Theme Packaging

Invite more people to your brand with theme packaging. You can use red color or tree on the boxes on the Christmas days. So, using white color relates to winter and snow season. Moreover, using flowers and other images or illustrations on the box can increase the festivity. It makes your clients happy.

10. Never Forget to Add Special Finishing Effects

Customize your boxes with high-tech finishing techniques. You can use varnishes, laser cutting, coating, metallic foiling, lamination, and many more. So, these methods highlight the design of the box. It attracts people to your brand.


With the help of these ideas, you can stand out on shelves. With modern techniques, you can design stunning boxes. It depends on the brand’s requirements and how far you take your creativity. All these tactics can help you in making the rigid boxes more appealing. It makes your products more charming inside out.