All Ears Here: 10+ Marketing Podcasts You Want to Give a Listen To

Marketing Podcasts
Marketing Podcasts

Marketing podcasts and morning commutes sound like the perfect combination. Experts and entrepreneurs are doing their shows or being interviewed for their insights, so learning something new about digital marketing, content marketing, business, and more through podcasts is almost effortless.

With the wealth of information they provide, these audio-focused shows are as casual as daily conversations, bite-sized, and portable, with episodes available on the most popular platforms or apps. And while active listening is ideal for retaining information, it’s fairly realistic to put on an episode while doing something else.

Anyway, let’s cut through the noise. Plug in your headphones or earbuds as we present the best marketing podcasts today.

How I Built This with Guy Raz

This podcast takes you to the beginnings of notable companies, with interviews with founders or executives to contextualize the success of their businesses. How I Built This tells stories with insights for aspiring entrepreneurs and anyone interested in business and marketing. Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently guested on the show.   

Journalist and NPR host Guy Raz is the author of a similarly titled book.

Marketing School

The show has Neil Patel and Eric Siu joining forces to share actionable digital marketing strategies. With over 2,000 episodes, the podcast covers practical online marketing matters and more. It also lets listeners catch up on the latest on Meta, Twitter, etc., so they know of any impact the events may have on their digital marketing activities.

As for the teachers of the Marketing School, both are known figures in digital marketing. Neil Patel is a best-selling author, and Eric Siu is the CEO of Single Grain.

This Old Marketing

This Old Marketing is pretty much a “this week in content or digital marketing…” It features big brands in the news, marketing trends and discussions, and lots of digital content topics in an hour or maybe less.

Content marketing experts Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose host the weekly podcast. Joe is the author of the best-selling Content Inc., andRobert is the founder of The Content Advisory.

Everyone Hates the Marketers

The podcast aims to help marketers, marketing consultants, and relevant practitioners stand out with no-fluff insights. The show stands out because it talks about business problems in a straightforward way and language. One episode is about how to offend people and create great content with the appropriate audience disclaimer.  

The host is Louis Grenier, whose profile reads “the moody French guy” and “likes to talk about himself in the third person.” 

Marketing Made Simple

Living up to its name, Marketing Made Simples tackles some of the most pressing digital marketing questions or goes back to the fundamentals of SEO and stuff. One Marketing Made Simple episode has practical advice on escaping a marketing rut and finding inspiration to keep the creativity flowing, or at least how to make more out of something that already works.

J.J. Peterson is the podcast host and co-author of the best-selling book of the same title.  

Metrics & Chill

Moving the numbers is the main premise of this podcast. Every episode focuses on a business metric that can be improved on. Listerners can learn how to reduce customer service response time, improve website conversion rate, or grow active audience rate, with actual examples straight from the people who made it happen in their companies.

Business analytics platform Databox is the creator of this podcast. 

The Influencer Podcast

It’s about personal development and business growth, impact, and influence. The Influencer Podcast has episodes focusing onpursuing what one is passionate about (learning from other people’s successes), finding one’s purpose, and becoming coachable to succeed as a leader, business owner, and content creator.

Host Julie Solomon is a coach and author of Get What You Want: How to Go From Unseen to Unstoppable.

The GaryVee Audio Experience

Gary Vee’s podcast reveals what he’s been doing in business and marketing. Keynote speeches, motivational thoughts, and conversations with friends are on The GaryVee Audio Experience. If you are struggling to keep up with your hobbies or seeking business advice, give some episodes a listen.

Millionaire, speaker, and social media personality are among the titles of Gary Vaynerchuk or Gary Vee.

HBR IdeaCast

This Harvard Business Review podcast is centered on conversations involving business and management. It features perspectives of leaders or experts on matters like managing conflicts at work (and how to make them productive) and making decisions that don’t have to be either-or.  

The podcast hosts are Alison Beard and Curt Nickisch, each a senior editor at Harvard Business Review. HBR also presents podcasts like The Anxious Achiever, After Hours, and Race at Work

Marketing Over Coffee

This podcast sounds like having casual conversations over coffee, with talks centered on what’s happening in the marketing world. The show has been running for over a decade, so it has covered many topics. The most popular episodes include interviews with entrepreneur Seth Godin, Design Matters’s Debbie Millman, and former Waze CMO Erin Clift. 

John J. Wall hosts and produces the show. Marketing data science expert Christopher S. Penn co-hosts the program.  

The Copyblogger Podcast

Content is at the center of this podcast. The Copyblogger Podcast discusses strategies and tips for copywriting, content marketing, email marketing, and more. One episode is about how to really learn to write, and another is about overcoming the writer’s fear of failure.   

The show is hosted by Tim Stoddart, CEO of Copyblogger, and Ethan Brooks, senior analyst at The Hustle.

Hidden Brain

This podcast aims to help you see things differently and learn more about the “unconscious patterns that drive human behavior.” “One Head, Two Brains,”one of its best-known episodes, dives into the left brain and right brain divide (or is there?). For marketers, understanding how humans behave or make choices is a must.

Host Shankar Vedantam is the author of Hidden Brain and the founder of Hidden Brain Media.

SEO 101

True to its title, this podcast talks about search engine optimization for beginners. SEO 101 has more than 400 episodes discussing news and updates from Google and SEO tools, SEO tips, and anything related, relevant, and impactful to SEO in easy-to-digest language. 

StepForth Web Marketing Inc. CEO Ross Dunn and the company’s Senior SEO Scott Van Achte host the show.

Search Engine Journal Show

Join other digital marketers and SEO practitioners in Search Engine Journal’s official podcast. It talks about many things in the marketing sphere, such as PPC, social media marketing, and content marketing. The show can be about getting more out of Microsoft Ads, optimizing LinkedIn for leads, and getting to know Google Analytics.

Search Engine Journal founder Loren Baker is the host of the podcast.

Listen, Learn, and Grow

With worthwhile podcasts, enriching your marketing knowledge is fun and productive. If you have a business to run, you know that knowing what matters is everything: are your online advertisements actually working and performing as expected? Is there a better way of getting the results you want from those ads?

When it comes to Google Ads, you can ask GrowMyAds to step in and have a look. Adwords then, Google Ads now, there will always be changes to the platform, and you and everyone else have to keep up to stay on top. So, work with experts who know Google Ads best and tap its power for your business success.

Stay tuned for what’s new and actionable in the world of marketing.

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