AdWords Management Services -Everything You Must Know

AdWords Management Services
AdWords Management Services

The PPC Experts offer full Google Adwords Management Services. Our Google Adwords Experts can easily double or triple or online Sales & Lead Volume and give you the highest ROI in Pay Per Click Marketing.

Do Your AdWords Campaigns have any of the following issues?

  • Not Enough Sales / Leads?
  • High Cost?
  • Low CTRs?
  • Low-Quality Scores?
  • Visitors who don’t buy?

1. AdWords Optimization

We get your existing AdWords and PPC Campaigns on the right track. We change your current campaigns for success. No matter what you have done before, we will make it successful for you.

2. AdWords Campaign Set Up

Our PPC Experts will set up an AdWords / Bing or Facebook Pay Per Click Campaign for you. Services include Analysis, Keyword Research, and Implementation to give you a head start.

3. AdWords Campaign Management

Sit back and relax. Outsource your Pay Per Click Marketing to the expert while you apply your expertise to run your business. We will look after your campaigns and make them profitable for you.

4. AdWords Consultation Calls

Would you like to speak to a senior AdWords Expert over the phone? We provide customized phone consultation on an hourly basis to help you make the most out of AdWords yourself.

5. AdWords Analysis

A unique service, where we analyze your existing AdWords Campaign and provide a full structured report on how you can instantly make your campaign profitable.

6. Free AdWords Analysis

We perform 10 free Google AdWords Account Audits per month in order to help people making AdWords successful.

Start making your AdWords Campaigns a Success today!

AdWords does work and we have shown it times and times again. However, it’s a whole science on its own and our Consultants spent years on learning it inside out. Let the AdWords Experts take care of your PPC Marketing and contact us today!

What do we charge?

Good question and we have a simple answer. We have two charges:

  1. We charge a setup fee.
  2. We also charge a monthly fee

What is the setup fee?

This varies depending on the size of the campaign. It’s a one time fee paid upfront by you to cover our hours of campaign setup. (It does take hours to do it right).

Free AdWords Analysis

At PPC Expert Services we know how much many people are struggling with Google AdWords.

This is why we are doing 10 FREE monthly AdWords Account Health Checks. We have seen it all.

You are spending and spending budget and you don’t get the desired ROI back. Well, we can change that for you! We will log into your account and tell you instantly what’s going wrong and how you can improve it immediately.

What’s on offer?

For years and years, we have gone through hundreds of campaigns and we instantly know what’s working and what’s not.

AdWords is nothing but maths. We are using our expertise on Pay Per Click marketing which will benefit your campaign straight away.

The PPC Analysis includes:

  • Login to your account
  • Check-Up on general settings
  • The campaign, Ad and AdGroup checks
  • Keyword & Bid price checks
  • Performance Analysis
  • Reporting

Is it secure?

Everything is treated in a confidential manner and we will never share anything about you and your account with anyone else. Simple.


We will produce a 1-page bullet point style report for you. The AdWords Analysis Report will include recommendations on:

  • General Settings
  • Campaign Structure
  • AdGroups and Ads
  • Keywords & Bids
  • General Performance

How can I get a Free AdWords Account Analysis?

We will add your account to our MCC master account and will perform our analysis. Just use the contact form and tell us a bit about your AdWords experience and business.

You will only give us read-only access but even if you give us full access, we would never make any changes.