A Modern and Effective Approach Towards Document Verification Checks

Document verification
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The history of fraud can be traced back to 300 BC.  It all began when shipping merchant Hegestratos defrauded an insured shipload by pretending to sink the ship. He then claimed the loss as well. This is history’s first known case of fraud. Fraudsters are becoming more advanced as technology advances. One of the biggest problems today is the use of fake identity documents. Document verification is the only solution. 

This fraud can be used to steal money from anyone’s account, cross international borders without authorization, and commit property fraud. To prevent such crimes, real-time security regulations are urgently required. Document verification checks are introduced to authenticate the Government-issued and other identification documents. It verifies the validity of a wide range of document types by using automated heuristic techniques, human reviewers, and machine learning methods.

Significance of Documents Verification Checks

Artificial intelligence and deep fake technologies are being used by fraudsters to impersonate other people. By using false identities, they can cross borders without authorization, damage anyone’s business, and cause a huge financial loss. False identities can also be employed in crimes such as murder, drug trafficking, funding for terrorism, and money laundering. So, even though they weren’t involved in the crime, they still have to deal with the fallout. So, even if someone wasn’t responsible for the crime, they still have to pay the price. Therefore, a robust document verification process is essential to authenticate a person’s original identity. 

Document Verification Checks in Various Businesses

Every organization should implement proper document verification checks to protect their business. For instance, if a business hires a person without conducting a background check, that person can pose a security risk to the business. After being hired, he joins the company and gains access to the departments handling confidential and financial information. He is able to steal or expose confidential company information. As a result, businesses must bear a significant financial loss, which can cause a business crash. The following are the instances in which implementation of document verification checks is critical:

  • Banking Organizations

The most well-known victims of financial fraud are banking institutions. Therefore, document verification in bank is the most crucial thing. Anyone’s account could be compromised by a scammer using a false identity. He can pose as someone else by using a fake ID card, driver’s license, or even a passport. The identity of the original customer should be verified by banks using ML-powered document verification checks. 

  • Property Transfer

Fraud exists wherever there is land. The land registry is now more effective and practical than it was in the past because of the switch to an online registration system. Unfortunately, it is also getting simpler for fraudsters to carry out their crimes. Criminals use forged or fake documents to pretend to be the original owner in order to mortgage, sell, or purchase a property. Live document verification checks ensure complete protection against identity fraud during the land transfer. It confirms the authenticity of a person’s documents using a legitimate signature, original ID card, or address.

  • Education Sector

Education is a significant industry that is impacted by document fraud. Fraudsters pretend to be another student by using that person’s identity. After that, the cheater is free to take exams on behalf of other students and continues to cheat throughout his entire academic career. A person’s face on a document can be compared to their real face by applying document verification checks. It determines whether a document is authentic or forged after comparing both.

Performance of Online Document Verification Checks 

Online document verification checks have many advantages. It outperforms manual document verification in many instances. The areas are listed as follows:


The online document verification in bank verifies a person’s identity with high accuracy. It compares a document against thousands of others in a database. Following that, it compares the visual patterns. Several logic-based checks are also performed, such as confirming that the date of birth is not in the future.


A document-checking system driven by machine learning can validate it in seconds, but manual verification might take a day or more. As a result, document inspections are more effective and fast to certify the authenticity of a document.


A manual document-checking method requires personnel and their related expenses, and it is prone to mistakes. However, automatic document verification checks need only a one-time setup price, which can save on manpower and related costs.

Customer Experience

The automated document verification checks have the chance to enhance decision-making and offer the user a faster answer. This can save customers time and increase their satisfaction throughout their onboarding experience.


Fraud has been around since the start of time, and its characteristics have changed through time. Fraudsters fool an individual or a government by using phoney papers such as passports,  ID cards, and driving licenses. Forged documents can be used to acquire access to anyone’s bank account, educational facility, or corporate office, as well as to traverse borders and sell or buy property. As a result, robust document verification checks are required to prevent document fraud. Document checks use machine learning approaches to validate a person’s documentation. It compares a document to thousands of others and produces more accurate, quicker, and better results than manual document verification.