9 Companies Leading the Way in Metaverse


After Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that his firm would change its name from Facebook to Meta Platforms, the term “metaverse” became extremely popular. The word “metaverse” is a composite of the words “meta” and “universe,” and as “meta” means “transcending,” it means “beyond the universe.”

The idea of the metaverse is not new. The metaverse is being implemented using AR, VR, and possibly Microsoft Teams. It is the ultimate objective that all tech giants are chasing, paralleling the present universe. The term “metaverse” refers to a virtual world strongly connected to the real world while also being interoperable, interactive, and immersive.


Here, the plans and objectives of the companies that have made the most significant investments in the metaverse—Meta Platforms, NVIDIA, Microsoft, Apple, Disney, Epic Games, Sony, Roblox, and Tencent—will be discussed. With RisingMax, you may create your Metaverse-like platform. The top Metaverse Development Company, RisingMax, can assist you in making the best metaverse business.

Platforms Meta

Mark Zuckerberg recently changed the name of his business from Facebook to Meta Platforms, demonstrating his commitment to transforming the social media company into a metaverse business. He spent about $10 billion on the metaverse division in 2020 and expected to continue investing an additional USD 18.5 billion in research and development. The most precious resource in the metaverse is people, where the platform for online social interaction, Meta, originated.

In a recent interview, Zuckerberg described his idea of the metaverse: the embodied internet. Individuals will be able to transcend all limits of time and space in the future, allowing you to interact with people from around the world while feeling present. It is possible to realize the ideas of an “infinite office” and “shared-space meetings,” 


It is hardly unexpected that NVIDIA is keen to participate in the “metaverse revolution,” given that the company has long been renowned for its graphics capabilities. It views the metaverse as neither a physical nor a virtual platform and considers NVIDIA Omniverse to be the one to materialize it. In a nutshell, NVIDIA Omniverse comprises three components: NVIDIA CloudXR, which allows users to stream content into and out of the Omniverse, and the RTX graphics technologies, which imitate virtual reality. The database engine Omniverse Nucleus describes and interchanges 3D essential elements.

Buildings within Omniverse have been built in partnership with NVIDIA by Foster + Partners, a renowned architectural firm that also developed Apple’s corporate headquarters. The virtual auto factory for BMW is another well-known application example. BMW’s virtual car factory, powered by Omniverse, enables engineers from several nations to model and improve the product lines together in real time without travelling.


Microsoft began working on a project connected to the metaverse much earlier than most other businesses. A glasses-like augmented reality device called HoloLens with the Windows Mixed Reality platform had already been made available by late 2016. Users of the HoloLens can play video games, go to different locations, acquire new knowledge, and preview 3D virtual objects while developing, which are similar to the early capabilities of the metaverse. However, at the time, the term “metaverse” was not as well-known as it is now.

Microsoft has now developed HoloLens2 and is offering Microsoft Mesh service after all these years. Microsoft Mesh claims that it will enable people to connect from anywhere, experience together, and feel present. This further illustrates the idea of the metaverse. Microsoft also has the breathtaking technology Holoportation, which enhances teleconferences by adding realism. 


As one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers, hardware penetration through iPhone replacement would be the quickest route for Apple to enter the metaverse since it sold more than 42 million units in 2021 Q2. Apple will release its first augmented reality wearable in Q4 2022, according to Taiwanese Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. This device will be outfitted with a higher-end and a lower-end processor, one being used for everyday computing and the other for sensor-based computing. Additionally, Kuo noted that Apple has plans to replace iPhones with augmented reality wearables in 10 years.

Apple was the only company to remain silent as other businesses scrambled to devote resources to the metaverse. Information has finally been made public. Given their highly sophisticated hardware design capabilities, let’s wait until the end of 2022 to see what Apple will offer.


Disney’s programming is undoubtedly its greatest asset. Disney is keen to welcome people into its merry magic world because it is a leader in the entertainment sector. Connecting the actual world with those charming virtual characters will be fantastic! Former Disney executive vice president of digital Tilak Mandadi plans to build a theme park where the physical and digital worlds can interact in 2020. Imagine how much the user experience will be enhanced if the metaverse is realized at a theme park.


Being the owner of many essential metaverse technologies, Sony will undoubtedly be involved in this evolution. Many people have entered the breathtaking virtual world using the PlayStation VR headset, and it is anticipated that the next version will include more features about the metaverse. Sony is not just committed to the game industry; it also worked with Manchester City to create a virtual stadium modeled like the actual one. Fans can participate in several interactive games and digital experiences at this virtual stadium.

Sony Music Entertainment and Roblox also collaborated on additional virtual performances and concerts. Sony hasn’t formally announced its approach to the metaverse, but it will participate in the market.


Due to the short planned article length, more businesses are still pursuing the tactics, such as Google, Bytedance, Alibaba, and others, but they are not listed here. In the “retail metaverse,” Amazon might also significantly impact. However, the companies that are the most active in the metaverse have already been mentioned.

Future metaverses, according to RisingMax, will be numerous and independent of one another. The strength of each participating corporation will determine how it enters the metaverse.