5 Best Inflatable Lounge Islands to buy this Summer

Inflatable Lounge Islands

With temperatures soaring through the roof, sunny days, and warm nights, nothing can top a day spent at the pool or beach. What better way to beat the heat and pamper yourself in the summer than wallowing in the pool or the beach on a Lounge Island? This inflatable boat-like structure that resembles a small island floating in a water body is the quintessential accessory for a day-long picnic on the lake or the beach. So, if you’re looking for a fun outing in the water, investing in this accessory is a must. But, which one’s the best for you?

Let’s take a look at some of the best options available so you can zero in on an inflatable lounge island of your choice.

#1 Bestway Hydro-Force™ Sunny Lounge island

On the number one spot is the Bestway sunny lounge island, the perfect companion for parties by the beach or lake and friends’ get-togethers. You can sip and drink and bask in the glory of the sun while you laze away your time. Have a blast and a gala time in the waters! The Bestway floating island is wide, and spacious, and can accommodate up to 5 people with a maximum 450 kg load capacity. You can dip your toes in the water in the middle mesh area. It includes a removable sunshade so you can stay cool on hot summer days and the canopy can block the UV rays of the sun. The biggest USP of this product is that it can be inflated and deflated quickly. The island is bedecked with 5 cup holders for holding drinks and snacks. The 2 heavy-duty handles allow you to get in and out easily. Three supportive backrests give added support and comfort in your lounging time.

#2 Bestway Flex & Fold Pool Lounge Float

Unlike the Bestway sunny lounge island, If you prefer going solo and are looking for a rejuvenating evening, floating across blissful waters, then this lounge float is the perfect choice for you. Compact, comfortable, and highly durable, this float from Bestway offers everything you’re looking for for a relaxing day on the water. With an innerspring structure, the pool pops up in seconds for inflation and can be quickly twisted and folded back up for storage. Another plus of this lounger is its Comfort Cool mesh seating area, which helps you beat the heat and keeps you just below the water surface. The lounge pool also comes with a cup holder, and an ultra-cushioning pillow to give you all-day comfort as you splash across in the water.

#3 Intex Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge, 78” x  59”

Wade in the pool and enjoy the poolside breeze with the Intex Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge! The detachable fabric sunshade is the most compact shield from sunlight. The pool can easily hold two people and is perfect for a mini pool party as it comes equipped with two built-in cup holders to keep your refreshments nearby for convenience. Whether socializing with friends or laying out at the pool, Intex Canopy Island is perfect for relaxing in luxury while enjoying the water.  Designed with 2 air chambers for extra stability and durable 3-ply material, it also comes with large pillow-like backrests for added comfort.

#4 Bestway Hydro-Force Indigo Wave Double Pool Lounge 1.83 Meter

Another excellent choice if you’re a couple looking for a lounger to lay back, chill and relax on dreamy cool blue waters! The Bestway Hydro-Force Indigo Wave Double Pool Lounge is ideal if you want to kick back and float in comfort and style with your friend or family! The lounge pool comes with a solid thick Inflata-Shield material, offering superior resistance against damage, punctures, and abrasion. It also comes with two built-in cup holders so you can keep your beverages and snacks close as you soak up the sun. Its innovative 2-way interlocking quick-release valve makes inflation and deflation easy, so you can store it away easily once you’ve used it. The best part is that the lounge pool is designed ergonomically, and comes with ample arm and back support, giving you superior comfort.

#5 Bestway Lounge Fashion Folding Chair

Here’s one of our all-time favorites that act as a lounger and instantly converts into a folding chair as needed. The Bestway Lounge Fashion Folding Chair is a 2-in-1 convertible that you can use both as a lounge pool in the water and can be quickly folded up to use as a chair. The transparent top with multi-colored I-beam construction is bound to make heads turn. Built with sturdy pre-tested vinyl to provide maximum durability and also comes with a repair patch for unanticipated damages. With 3 air chambers for stability, it also comes with an integrated back head and arms rest, that provides ultimate comfort.

So, folks shed your inhibitions and look no further beyond these 5 terrific options to spend your summer holiday with unlimited fun and frolic! Depending on your requirements, the number of friends accompanying you, and add-on features such as cup holders, sunshades, etc. that you require, you’ll be able to make your pick. Our personal favorite is the Bestway sunny lounge island, that’s perfect for group pool parties. Take the ‘plunge’ today and get yourself an amazing lounge pool to beat the heat this summer.

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